Health Cheat

Let us take a look on the  health cheat which gives you maximum health in the game of GTA San Andreas when you're playing it on Xbox. When you activate it on Xbox, the health bar on the top right hand side of your gaming screen becomes full. Thus, your health is maximum.

The maximum health GTA San Andreas cheat for Xbox is:

  • R Trigger, Black, L Trigger , A, Left , Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up

Maximum Health | GTA SA Game Xbox

Benefits of Health Cheat while playing GTA San Andreas game on Xbox are:

  • You health bar becomes full  in the game .
  • You get armor protection bar which is also full.
  • You get money which is equal to $250000!
Situations where Health Cheat Helps:
  • If you're playing a mission and are on the verge of dying then immediately use the health cheat to avoid death and regain life. Your mission does not fail and gives you more time to play.
  • Many of the GTA SA missions involve heavy fighting and in such places you will need this cheat if you are new to GTA game.
  • Also, it repairs the car which you're driving in the game. Car gets fully repaired.
Negative Effect of Health Cheat:
  • While playing the Just Business missions during GTA game on Xbox, if you activate this cheat then your bike will explode and eventually waste the Just Business mission.
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